Z31 Interior Reproduction Trim

Z31 Interior Reproduction Trim

XenonZcar Is happy to be able to offer these excellent replacement trim pieces for the Z31 Models.

These items consist of a thin, white, substrate to which a finish of your choice, is overlaid. Then the white lettering is actually the exposed substrate after being routered. Each has a self-adhesive, peel off backing. You will have to carefully remove the old wood grain overlay from your particular pieces and these go in their place. You can use “Goo Gone” or even WD-40 to remove the old adhesive.

We offer these with three finishes at this time.

  • Black with Orange lettering
  • Brushed Aluminum with Orange Lettering
  • Brushed Aluminum with Green Lettering
  • Burlwood With Green Lettering

The HVAC and stereo have green or orange filters to show back lighting when the lights are on – just like OEM.