3000GT fuel rails on a Z31?

3000GT fuel rails on a Z31?

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As I been continuing my build I found that the DSM  Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth uses a fuel rail with 11mm injectors with the perfect spacing for the Z31 manifold. This will allow you to upgrade to the more common 11mm style injectors rather than trying to source hard to find bosh barb type injectors.

With the information that the rails will match up to the injector ports on the Z31 manifold I started with ordering injectors. I went with the DSM 450cc Blue tops from a Turbo Manual Eclipse.

Once I got the injectors and rails I test fit them in the manifold to see what kind of mounting brackets I needed to hold them down correctly. I started off making measurements and ended up with the design you see below. I made the first set on a band saw and drill press and got the basic shape needed to work.  I am currently seeing if there is interest in the Z community for these mounts and if there is I will have them produced on a milling machine for better tolerances.

If you are interested in a set of these mounts you can email us at joseph@melnicksautoworks.com or contact me on facebook

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