XenonZcar 108a Adapter Kit


XenonZcar 108a Adapter Kit


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Years Ago, There were many options for the Z31 for replacement Shocks and struts. Now these options are very limited and for those of us with the Stock Adjustable suspension, pretty much nothing was available that fit without adapter kits that KYB had made. Since KYB has stopped producing these kits and the stock has dried up there was no other option other than swapping to Non Adjustable parts (Strut tubes and top Mount)

But this has changed as we have engineered a kit to get you back going and able to use the available replacement Strut cartridges and shocks that all non adjustable cars can use.

The kits will include 2 new gland nuts for the struts in front and 2 spacers for the rear for the top mount.

You will need to use one of the washers supplied with the shock of your choice under the Top Nut for a tight fitment.

The Kits are made in Batches of 10 so if the item is showing back order we have not reached the 10 kits sold to get the price listed.  Production if the kits once the goal is met is 30 days.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in