XenonZcar.com - VG30DE(TT) and RBxxDE(TT) Wiring guide

Below you will find a general guide for the minimal required wiring changes needed to install a Nissan DOHC motor into your Z31. This includes the following:

  • VG30DE
  • VG30DET
  • VG30DETT
  • RB20DET
  • RB25DETT
  • RB25DE
  • RB26DETT

The goal of this document is to give basic information on the wiring of a DOHC VG or RB into a Z31. This is not a full write-up. It is assumed you have basic understanding of automotive wiring. I can not be held responsible for any damage done to your vehicle.


The Following connector pin outs are for the Z32 Connectors.

Essential Z31 Wiring

This is the minimal wiring needed to connect to the Z31 Body Harness

Below are connector diagrams with the wires labeled for their purpose using the wire colors, as described above. These are the only wires you'll need for the body harness connection. This is the EFI harness side connector view.

Tachometer Wiring With DE Motors

To get the tachometer to function with a DOHC VG or RB, you must splice the pin 3 coil wires (black, grounded) together for all 6 cylinders (as is OE), but rather than grounding them to the engine as OE wiring – run them to the blue Z31 tachometer wire.

Sources used on this page:

  • Write-up and Images by: Michael Palladino