S130 Vin and model plate Information

The Vehicle Identification Number is located on the VIN plate on the dashboard. (see below)

There are two different VIN arrangements depending on Model year.

1979 to 3/81 VIN arrangement

3/1981 - 1983 VIN arrangement

Decoding Your S130 Model Plate

The Model Plate is located on the cowl behind the battery.(see below) It contains the car type, engine capacity, maximum horsepower, wheelbase and engine and car serial numbers.

Here is a listing of the model Variation for the S130.

Model Plate Decoder

Note the difference between the 1979 and 1982 model plates.

1979 Model Plate

1982 Model Plate

F.M.V.S.S. Certification plate

Below you will find examples of the F.M.V.S.S or Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards certification plate found on the S130.

This part specifies the content and location of and other requirements for the label or tag to be affixed to motor vehicles and items of motor vehicle equipment manufactured after August 31, 1969. This certificate will provide the consumer with information to assist him or her in determining which of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are applicable to the vehicle or item of vehicle equipment, and its date of manufacture. An amendment effective January 1, 1972, required gross vehicle weight (GVWR) information on the certification label.

1979 F.M.V.S.S Plate

1982 F.M.V.S.S Plate

S130 Production Numbers

The following numbers are reported Sales by Nissan Motors USA, for the Calendar Year In The US Market (may include some units from previous or following Model Year)

Model Year
Production Number
Special Editions

The S130 Registry

Here you will be able to search your vin to see what model, color and many other bits of information you may not have known about your Z. If your Vin is not found you can also add it to the registry by filling out a simple form.