S130 1980 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition

Provided By: Motomantv

Some Mistakes were made in this video, The 1980 280ZX models were not turbo in any form as the first turbo Z was offered a year later as an 1981 model. Also Some Specs were incorrect in the video.

In 1980 Datsun released a limited production (3000 units) of Special 10th Anniversary Edition 280ZX. The cars were based on the 1980 280zx GL package with some aditions. Out of the 3000 cars produced, 2500 of them were painted gold and black with tan leather interior trim. The remaining 500 were painted in a Red and Black paint scheme with Burgundy leather trim. Each 10th AE car had a numbered dash plaque. The aluminum wheels had painted accents in either gold or black. The cars also had headlamp washers. The stereo was upgraded with surround sound and a cassette came with each car to accent this. The cars also had automaic climate control, blacked out exterior trim, tinted T-bar roof panels, and a tinted windshield.

1 of 2500 Gold and Black 10th AE

1 of 500 Red and Black 10th AE

Below you will find some resources when restoring your 10th Anniversary 280zx.

The Internet Z car Club has a registry for the 10th Anniversary. It can be found here