About Us

In 2006 XenonZcar started as a Z31 chassis Help and support website. In 2007 we were asked by the community to expand to support all Z car models and that was when XenonZcar was born.

For the last ten year we have strived to help the Z car community in every way possible, from hosting a full library of Factory service manuals, Owners Manuals, Technical Documents, Troubleshooting steps and Full write-ups on maintaining and modifying your Z car.

Over the Years of running just a website we have been asked many times where can I have work done to my Z. After not being able to provide a good reliable place to send Z car owners in the North Eastern part of the US We are opening up shop to provide this service. As of the Fall, 2017 XenonZcar Garage is open for business to further support the Z car community with a place they cans trust to work on their Z cars. With 30 plus years of experience of working on the Z car chassis cars and specializing in the S30, S130, Z31 models we have become the place to go for your Z needs in the North East.

Our Team

Joseph Melnick

Owner Joseph Melnick Has 20 years of experience with the Z31 Platform. He started in 1997 when he purchased is first 1986 300zx and has been building them ever since. Joseph started XenonZ31.com back in 2006 and then quickly moved to XenonZcar.com in December of 2007. He has slowly built the Z knowledge base with the help of the Z Community.

Jennifer Haas

Jennifer is the Woman behind XenonZcar. She keeps her nose in the books as she is learning the trade. She has been getting her hands dirty with helping Joseph for years and is making a career out of it. Without her XenonZcar would not be where it is today.

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