XenonZcar.com - The 280ZX - R, What it is and Why it exists

In 1979 the first year of the 280ZX, Datsun released a special Limited edition 280ZX-R model. This Package consited of silver mist metallic paint with a 3-tone blue vinyl striping and a Rubber rear deck spoiler. This package added $399 to the base cost of the 280ZX. There was 1008 280ZX-R's built. There were no options available other than A/C with the ZX-R package and that added a cost of $635 to the price. Otherwise the cars were stripped, meaning no power optinons such as; Power windows, power locks, Manual steering, 5-speed manual transmission, Rear wiper and noise reduction materials Deleted and an all black interior was fitted.

Steel wheels were the standard with hubcaps.

One way to tell if your 280zx is a true ZX-R is to remove the padding on the center console, Usually there is a written on the back side of the pad.

The Rear Wing

The rear wing installed on the 280ZX-R was made of molded rubber and was exactly the same as the wings used on the SCCA and IMSA winning 280ZX's. The wing is the reason the car exists as Datsun had to produce a minium of 1000 production cars with the same options. It is said the wing will produce 370lbs of downforce at speeds of 100MPH. To keep the car stable a front spoiler should be installed as well.

The Wing was also available in the Datsun Competition Parts Catalog (part number 99996-R8000). Included in the kit are Heavy duty rear hatch struts, Instructions, and all mounting hardware. The wing is designed for the 2 seater cars and will not fit the 2+2 body.

Window Sticker

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