CRX Seats in an S130

The seats are from a 1991 Honda CRX Si

The car is a 1982 280ZX 2+2

The install will be the same on 2-seater Z's as on the 2+2

I used the ZX seat rails, which hold the seat belt. This solves the problem of devising a custom mounting system had I chosen to use other seat rails.

Remove the seats (14mm bolts) and remove the rails from the bottom of the 280ZX seats. Remove and discard the wire going between the two locks on the sliders. The outside rails that do not have the seatbelt or slider adjuster are the first to work on. Drill out the two rivets holding the 'lock' plate down. Throw out the plate. This will make the outside rails slide with no locking position. The inside rail lock will be plenty. Also, there are clearance problems with the seats should you try to maintain both locks.

Drill a new hole in the front (or rear) of the rail that has 12" centers.

Item 1: New hole drilled 12 inches from the rear mounting hole. The Datsun spacing is 12.5 inches.

Item 2: removing the wire that connects here, cut off the tab that sticks up. This tab will cause clearance problems under the seat.

1 inch copper spacer, cut in half. Install under the mounting bolt on the front of both seats.

1/2 inch spacer under front bolts, installed. This spacer goes on both sides on the front of the rail. I put two washers under the rear bolt on all rails. That is about 1/8 inch spacing.

Arrows point to areas that needed a little attention from a hammer in order to gain some additional clearance for adjuster arm movement.

The final product. CRX seats installed in a 280ZX.