The 280ZX and Rust

The Datsun S130 series cars line as the S30 series cars are prone to rust. These cars are not super- rusty, but they don't resist salty conditions as well as some others. The two main reasons for this is Datsun/Nissan was not too concerned with rust prevention. When the cars were built the frame was spot welded and a seam sealer was used to try to protect the weld and metal. As many of us know, this did not work well. The following are major areas of concern on the S130 cars.

Another of thevmost common areas that are prone to rusting is the mounts for the rear cross member. To check here, pull out the seats and lift the carpet. If your car is rusted here it will take a lot of time and money to repair.

Also Look for rust around the tire wells, and especially across the front edge of the hood. One more problem/giveaway area is the seams on the rocker panels under the doors. You should look for rust bubbles under the paint in this area.

The second most common area is the floor boards and frame rails. This is because of the spot welds and seam sealer that was used in production. Water finds it's way into the frame rail and sits there rotting out the rails from the inside out. Charlie Osborne of Zedd Findings makes reproduction frame rails and floorboards.

Rust will also show up in the rear hatch area along the tail lights as seen below.

Now on to the easier to repair areas like, the battery tray, firewall, rocker panels, and around the windshield. With care, these areas can be repaired fairly easy.

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