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77,300 MILES ( up to 77,800 and driven a little every day)



This car sat for 16 years with the original owner till 2017, then a contractor took the car in trade for services rendered, It was then driven 2-300 miles and then it sat again till this fall 2018. We have gone thru the car and it is amazingly clean, a few small dings, scratches, had some area repaints but not bad, not perfect. The under side of the car is excellent conditions with minimal wear and no rust found in the usual areas. The suspension is tight and it has an upgraded 3h exhaust (no cat). Brakes are also in good condition.


New Parts During last service

  • Tires
  • Lifters
  • Timing belt / water pump etc (60K Service)
  • Spark Plugs and Wire Set
  • Headliner

The car still needs to be tweaked and adjustments made, as the cruise control and ac need attention ( It is priced it allowing room to make it perfect and still be in it for well under 10k)

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